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Free Sudoku Games For Beginners and Experts

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Sudoku games introduction on E-sudoku

E-sudoku.com is a free website for playing sudoku online, a number puzzle game. Players must fill out the missing numbers from 1 to 9 into a Sudoku grid. A Sudoku grid contains 9 rows and 9 columns and is divided into 9 3x3 subgrids.

The game rules of classic sudoku are simple: Each row, each column, and each 3x3 subgrid must contain the numbers 1-9 exactly with no repetition. That means:

  • No number appears twice in the same row.
  • No number appears twice in the same column.
  • No number appears twice in the same 3x3 subgrid

Time to solve a puzzle is not limited when you play on e-sudoku. So think carefully and fulfill the puzzle

How to play sudoku online on e-sudoku.com?

Step 1: Open e-sudoku.com on a browser on a smartphone or PC

Step 2: Choose the level of difficulty you want to try

Step 3: When time starts to count, click the cell you want to fill out a number and choose the number 1 from 9 in the box beside.

Step 4: Until you fulfill the grid 9x9, you are the winner.

Features on E-Sudoku

Time count

know exactly how much time you spend solving a single sudoku game.


Go back the step before


Delete a number you have already filled out but you think it’s wrong

Mistake Mode

If you turn the mistake mode on, you can’t fill a wrong number into a cell

Fast Mode

Time goes faster


Suggest a missing number to continue the game easier


Easy- Medium - Hard levels

Why choose E-Sudoku for free sudoku puzzles?

Are you looking for online sudoku to kill time or train your logical thinking? E-Sudoku’s got you covered with various sudoku puzzles to solve.

From easy to hard classic sudoku

E-Sudoku has three difficulty levels including sudoku easy, sudoku medium, and sudoku hard. Our games are a good fit for all beginners and experts in sudoku. Sudoku easy is not a challenge for beginners and sudoku hard is a headache game for experts.

Solve sudoku puzzles anytime, anywhere

E-Sudoku is user-friendly to help people play sudoku online anytime, anywhere. You can drag digits to the grid smoothly on a smartphone, PC, or tablet. Ensure the internet connection is strong so you won’t lose the game while playing.

No hassles while you are playing

Solving puzzles here on E-Sudoku will be a different experience. No hassles like lag, losing progress, or obligatory registration happen during the game to guarantee your best experience.

Free sudoku games to play daily

Of course, E-sudoku is free to play. Whenever you want a sudoku game, open our website and break your record.

No stuffing ads

Discreet, non-intrusive ads help you focus on the game and make E-Sukodu a safe playground for adults and children.

Given essential tips to play

You are provided with essential tips and tricks to play on E-Sudoku. Our guideline is detailed and easy-to-understand for beginners.

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