About E-sudoku.com

Welcome to E-Sudoku

E-Sudoku is a platform to play the number puzzle game online, sudoku. With E-sudoku, your playing game is upgraded to a new level. E-Sudoku completely transforms playing sudoku into a more rewarding experience with challenges, from easy to hard-core difficulty levels. The game here is perfect for anyone who wants to entertain while training his brain sharper and more logical.

Children and beginners play easy sudoku to get familiar with the game. Experienced people play an immediate sudoku to conquer new achievements. Experts play hard sudoku, who want more challenges.

The Story Behind E-Sudoku

Jimmy Bowen, the founder of E-Sudoku, became obsessed after discovering the addictive number puzzles. He played book after book, but the options were limited. Seeking greater variety, Jimmy turned to websites but found pop-ups, lag, and glitches constantly interrupted the fun. As a web developer, he decided to make his online playground with some of his friends, who are Sudoku enthusiasts as well. Using his programming and web design skills, Jimmy crafted the smooth, hassle-free site E-Sudoku.

Starting with a small library, new puzzles were added daily to provide endless entertainment for all skill levels. Though it originated as a passion project, E-Sudoku grew beyond Jimmy's wildest dreams into one of the top Sudoku destinations.

Mission Statement

To create a user-friendly free website to play sudoku online 24/7 and enhance your logical thinking

If you have any questions or recommendations, please contact the E-sudoku support team at

Website: https://e-sudoku.com/
Email: [email protected]